Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

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Jura designs and manufactures a full range of high-end Jura coffee machines and accessories that will impart your cup with a refined flavor.

With proper use and care, your Jura coffee machine will provide you with years of great-tasting coffee.

But when something isn’t working in your coffee machine, you can readily take action and fix the problem to restore regular operation using some standard troubleshooting methods.

There’s nothing complicated about repairing your Jura espresso machine if you once understand its internal structure. However, if you own an expensive device, it’s better to call the technician than to repair it on your own.

This article will walk you through the most common Jura coffee machine troubleshooting issues you might encounter with your Jura machines and help you solve them.

Jura Troubleshooting
Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Jura Error Codes

Error CodeWhat does it Mean?How to Solve It?
Jura Error 1The thermal sensor in this Jura coffee machine doesn’t work well. The sensor is supposed to record the temperature. It is also believed to make the machine brew coffee when it’s hot or shut off when cold. If it’s not recording the temperature right, the machine will not work the way it is supposed to. https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-1-s/253.htm
Jura Error 2The Jura coffee machine makes too hot coffee sometimes, and the fuse protects it. If this fuse is blown, it means there is something wrong with the electrical circuit in the coffee machine, and you need to change it.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-2-s/254.htm
Jura Error 3The Thermoblock is a part of the Jura coffee maker that makes the water boil. Unfortunately, it can become clogged with scale. When this happens, it doesn’t make the water boil to the right temperature. That would be a big problem for a business that makes a lot of coffee drinks.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-3-s/255.htm
Jura Error 4The Thermoblock doesn’t signal the Power Board when the coffee is hot enough to brew, so the coffee isn’t getting brewed.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-4-s/256.htm
Jura Error 5The Thermoblock is clogged with mineral deposits, preventing it from reaching the required temperature to brew coffee.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-5-s/257.htm
Jura Error 6Sometimes the Ceramic Valve doesn’t work right. The Ceramic Valve has three jobs to do. It gives hot water to the water pipe, coffee to the dispenser, and steam to your steam pipe. Over time, the part of the Jura coffee machines that control the water flow becomes covered with a hard build-up. The hard build-up prevents the device from switching between different modes.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-6-s/258.htm
Jura Error 7There is a problem with the encoder. The power board lets the encoders know when the brewing process is starting. Encoders are supposed to tell the Gear motor when to start moving. The encoder might be broken so that the brewing process won’t start.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-7-s/259.htm
Jura Error 8If the Brew Group Gear Motor doesn’t move, then it could be that the transformer or the PCB is defective.https://www.jura-parts.com/Jura-Error-8-s/260.htm

Jura Coffee Machine Troubleshooting Grinder Not Working

When your Jura coffee machine is making coffee, sometimes the grinder stops working, and in total, two scenarios could take place here.

  1. Your grinder doesn’t appear to be moving – Sometimes, when you’re grinding, some coffee grounds get stuck in between the blades, which clogs the coffee grinder and thus cannot work effectively. If you clear out the ground coffee obstruction and put it back in, the coffee machine should be able to do its job again.
  1. The grinder is moving but not grinding your coffee beans – This problem occurs when the grinder isn’t able to maintain contact with the coffee beans. You can try a coarser grind setting so that you can get a consistent ground or a fine grind setting. Then press the button again to make an espresso or a coffee. It should solve the problem; else, you need to call the technician.

Jura Espresso Machine Troubleshooting Not Heating

This not heating error commonly occurs because your coffee machine is too cold, you need to bring your machine’s temperature to room temperature, and hopefully, it will start working.

Also, You can visually look at the sensor and its pins for corrosion or any malfunction. Replace it if you find anything. Finally, check the OHMs reading to make sure there’s a connection.

Check to see if there’s a broken cable connecting the ‘thermal sensor’ to the ‘power board. If so, repair/replace it. You can also try to replace a fuse or a PCB if found faulty.

Jura A9 Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Here, we have outlined several of the most frequently encountered Jura A9 coffee machines’ common errors and how you can overcome them.

ErrorCauseAction Needed
Tray is missingThe drip tray and coffee grounds container aren’t perfectly aligned or fitted.Make sure to fit them properly.
Empty the groundsThere’s no more room in the coffee grounds container.Empty both the ground coffee container and the drip tray
Fill bean containerYou don’t have any coffee beans in the container.Fill the container with beans.
Empty drip trayYour drip tray is full.Remove any water from the drip tray.
Fill water tankYou can’t make coffee because the water tank is empty or low.Fill water tank.
The bean cover is not fittedThe odor maintenance cover may be loose or incorrectly fitted.Make sure you fit the cover correctly.
The maintenance sign will light up red. The Jura coffee machine is asking you to run a maintenance program. Your device will tell you when you need to clean. Just press the relevant symbol on the display and follow the instructions.
The maintenance sign will light up red asking you to rinse the milkThe coffee machine is asking you to flush the milk system.To start the process, touch the box with the sign to create a rinse cycle.
Don’t have enough coffee beansThe coffee in the machine has insufficient ground coffee.Make sure to add a sufficient amount of beans for the best flavor.
Too hotThe coffee machine is too hot and will stop workingLet your coffee machine rest until it has cooled to room temperature.


How do I reset my Jura coffee maker?

How do I reset my Jura coffee maker

To reset Jura coffee makers, you have to remove the dredge drawer and start the coffee maker the way you usually would.

Once the cycle is complete, put your dredge drawer back in, and you’re ready to make your coffee.

Why does my Jura coffee machine keep displaying the empty drip tray message?

Why does my Jura coffee machine keep displaying the empty drip tray message

Ensure that the drip tray is completely clean and there’s no water present where coffee would normally drip from. Dirt often gets accumulated at the narrowest part of the drip tray, making the Jura machine believe there is water in the drip tray.

It is a good idea to wipe the sides of the drip tray. If there is water in the drip tray, it should be cleaned and dried before running the Jura machine.

How do I clean my Jura coffee maker?

How do I clean my Jura coffee maker

Here is how you can clean your Jura coffee maker using Jura cleaning tablets. It will take approximately thirty minutes.
1. Go to the settings menu and select “Clean Machine.” It will open a window and then hit the clean button.

2. To begin with, the cleaning cycle, select ‘Rinse.’

3. The display screen will ask you to ‘Empty Tray’. Pull out the tray at the bottom, take out the coffee grounds container, empty it, re-insert the tray, place a large container below the tap, and press the rinse button again.

4. Your machine will go through a pre-rinse, and then it will prompt you to insert a cleaning tablet. 

5. After you drop in the cleaning tablet, the machine will start the cleaning process.

6. After 15-20 minutes, the display will ask you to insert the dredge drawer (coffee tray). You’ll have to take the tray out and dispose of any water and place your dredge drawer back in your drip tray into the machine.

The cleaning tablets come with the machine, and you can always get these tablets online.

What does error 8 mean on the Jura Coffee machines?

What does error 8 mean on the Jura Coffee machines

In most cases, error 8 on a Jura coffee machine means that the gear motor is not able to move correctly.

The reason for this error 8 warning can be due to a defective transformer or PCB.

We recommend that you contact Jura and have your machine serviced if you are seeing an error 8 warning.


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