Can I Have Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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The short answer to the question, “May I drink iced coffee after a wisdom tooth extraction is “no.” Your fastest route to recovery is to go without food or water for as long as possible because it might contaminate the extraction site.

Of course, there is a point after the tooth extraction where you will become hungry. Soft foods such as cooled mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, and rice pudding are okay to eat. Stay away from spicy foods and hot or cold liquids.

Don’t Drink Iced Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The problem with cold brew, iced coffee, or any type of frozen coffee drink is that they are too cold. Splinters of ice can knock the blood clots that are trying to form in the empty tooth socket.

The same advice applies to people who have had a molar or eye tooth extraction or surgery to prepare the jaw bone for dental implants. Be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions after any kind of oral surgery.

Avoid Drinking From A Straw

Can I Have Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal
Can I Have Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After tooth removal, don’t drink a beverage that requires a straw. This includes milkshakes, iced coffees, water, or any type of beverage.

The sucking motion required to use a straw creates pressure on blood clots trying to form in your empty wisdom teeth sockets and dissolves them. This results in a painful condition called dry socket, where nerves and bones are exposed.

Blood Clots Are Part of The Healing Process

The reason for abstaining from iced coffee or cold brew after a tooth extraction is because the blood clot that forms over the tooth socket is very delicate. It is like a small pillow protecting the bone and raw nerves beneath from being exposed.

Beneath this pad of blood cells, gum and bone tissue is repairing itself, and if it is dislodged by food or rinsed away, the result is a dry socket.

This can prevent bone growth and diminish the chances for an implant to take.

A dry socket can also delay the healing process of your bone for at least seven days, if not weeks.

To avoid getting a dry socket, you must wait 48 hours before drinking iced or cold coffee after tooth extraction. If you get thirsty, drink room temperature water.

But Shouldn’t I Drink Lots After Having A Tooth Pulled?

In theory, any recovery process benefits from drinking as much water as possible to speed the healing process. The idea is that the more water you drink, the less likely you are to develop an infection. Your blood can better sweep bacteria away from the tooth socket wound when you are well-hydrated.

However, wisdom tooth extraction is one situation where you are better off to forgo any liquids, especially if you are tempted to drink through a straw.

This is so that the tooth extraction site has its best chance to heal and form new bone and gum tissue.

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It is most likely that your dentist will give you pain medication to cut your appetite and thirst.

If you love coffee, try to wait it out before having a hot drink. Have only water and bland foods for two days to ensure that blood clot forms well.

Why Can’t I Drink Hot Coffee After Tooth Extractions?

Hot coffee is probably one of the worst things you can drink after extracting wisdom teeth. Hot drinks can sabotage any healing blood clot trying to form, leaving you with a painfully exposed tooth socket.

It’s pretty risky to drink a take-out coffee with a plastic lid on top, as your lips must purse and form a suctioning motion to drink from the pop-up hole.

The suction from pursing your lips to drink can dislodge the clot and delay recovery. So drinking coffee after a tooth extraction is just a bad idea.

How Long Must I Wait to Drink Hot Coffee?

It’s best to wait at least a week or even ten days before drinking coffee after tooth extraction. Any hot drinks may agitate the tooth socket and sabotage healing.

The soonest you could start drinking hot coffee would be 48 hours after tooth removal, but keep in mind that this can cause excessive bleeding at the healing site.

May I Drink Cold Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If you love coffee and absolutely cannot go without it, consider drinking it at room temperature about 48 hours after your surgery. However, consume it slowly from a wide-lipped mug and avoid drinking from a take-out coffee cup with a plastic lid.

Can I Drink A Smoothie After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Can I Drink A Smoothie After Wisdom Tooth Removal
Can I Drink A Smoothie After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Drinking a smoothie sounds like a beautiful way to nourish yourself after wisdom tooth extraction, but the problem, once again, is that the clot in your socket can be suctioned away through a straw. An additional risk is that bits of fruit or ice in the smoothie can dislodge the clot. So eat soft foods, instead.

Is Drinking Alcohol Okay After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Don’t drink alcohol after teeth removal as it can dissolve the healing blood cells clot from your gum. Alcoholic beverages also interact with prescribed pain medications in potentially lethal ways.

Can I Drink Carbonated Beverages After Tooth Extraction?

Drinking a carbonated beverage such as a ginger ale might sound refreshing or hydrating, but unfortunately, the bubbles in soda can dislodge the protective blood clot. Wait at least ten days after wisdom teeth extraction before drinking sodas or carbonated water.

Can I Drink Orange Juice or Lemonade After Teeth Removal?

After wisdom teeth extraction, it is best to avoid drinking any acidic liquids, as they can dissolve your blood clot and cause bouts of stinging pain. Acid liquids to avoid include orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, and apple cider vinegar.

Self-Care Tips After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After wisdom tooth extraction, you must do everything possible to avoid losing the clotting blood in your tooth socket as it is trying to heal.

  • Eat soft foods, as crunchy foods tend to lodge in the gums.
  • Avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes.
  • Rinse your mouth gently with a saltwater rinse.
  • Ice packs can assist with pain or swelling.
  • Call your dentist immediately to avoid pain and extraction site complications if a dry socket occurs.
  • A bad taste in your mouth can indicate a gum infection, so call your dentist if needed.


Here are a few other common questions people ask

Can I Drink Iced Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

The answer is no. Wait at least 48 hours or longer before drinking iced coffee to avoid traumatizing the exposed nerves in the tooth socket.

How Soon After Wisdom Tooth Surgery Can I Drink Coffee?

Wait a week or longer before drinking any warm beverages after wisdom tooth surgery. Hotter liquids can dissolve the blood sacs in the tooth sockets. These are essential to growing new healthy tissue inside the tooth sockets after extraction.

Can I Have Iced Coffee After A Tooth Extraction?

Do not drink iced coffee after tooth extraction, as you put gum tissue healing at risk. Wait 48 hours or longer before sipping any cold beverage, and do not drink through a straw. 

Final Thoughts – Drink Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Removal at Your Own Risk!

Don’t start drinking coffee the day after your surgery. You will add days to your recovery process if you drink hot liquids. You can drink iced coffee about three days after tooth extraction, but not through a straw. You may drink warm coffee about ten days after the surgery.

However, drinking only water is best until your dentist determines the wisdom teeth removal site to be completely healed.


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