10 Amazing Benefits of Barista Training in 2024

By Mark •  Updated: 10/11/22 •  11 min read

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Baristas make coffee and serve customers; what else? It may seem that being a barista is a simple job, but it is pretty complex that has many benefits! What can you learn if you are a barista or considering becoming one?

What are the benefits of barista training? 

  1. You learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee.
  2. You become an artist.
  3. You learn the best customer service skills.
  4. You make people happy.
  5. You form new relationships.
  6. You learn patience
  7. You learn to multitask
  8. You learn to work under pressure
  9. You work in a vibrant environment
  10. You get free coffee.

While making the perfect cup of coffee is a giant perk of being a barista, it isn’t the only one!

Barista training provides life skills you can apply to your daily life and relationships, such as making a cup of coffee, dealing with customers, managing a workplace, and much more! 

Benefits of Barista Training
What Are The Benefits of Barista Training?

You Learn How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making coffee is an art. As a barista, you learn the various types of coffee beans, their origins, and how to create multiple types of coffee! Baristas also benefit from mastering regular coffee and experimenting with their recipes! 

Baristas will learn how to make the following coffee drinks they can make at home or anywhere with the ingredients! 

You Learn How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee
You Learn How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Expresso
  • Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Flat White
  • Frappe
  • Mocha
  • Iced Coffee
  • Infused Teas

Creating different coffee drinks is a huge benefit as a barista, but you can also learn how to identify different types of coffee and be a coffee expert! This way, you can find and purchase the best coffee for yourself or your friends! 

The three prominent types of coffee beans are robusta, arabica, and liberica. Each one has its unique smell and taste. As a barista, you will know how to please various people by deciding what sort of bean they would like the most! 

You Become an Artist

While making great coffee is a benefit, barista training courses are worth it because you can become an artist by experimenting with various pressures, coffee beans, extraction times, and latte art.

In this sense, baristas benefit from creating their drinks and different types of coffee. Practice makes perfect, but as a barista, you can use your creative skill and knowledge to create a beautiful piece of unique art for each customer.  

You Become an Artist
You Become an Artist

Coffee is a form of art in itself, as not everyone likes the same thing, and you can always create something new. As a barista, you can take an average cup of coffee and turn it into something spectacular that is special for every customer. 

Just as any artist chooses specific materials to create their art, a barista has the same experience in selecting the right bean, brewing temperature, perfect extraction time, and ingredients to brew something new every day. 

Although the creation of the perfect cup of coffee is an artistic creation, baristas can top it off by adding aesthetics to their coffee. There are various designs that a barista can create, but the most common latte art designs are: 

  • A Heart
  • A Leaf
  • A Tulip
  • Animal Figures
  • The Reverse
  • The Vortex 
  • A Swan

Being able to channel your artistic energy into a cup of coffee is a benefit that not many other jobs have. Baristas will never get bored as they pour each coffee with purpose and passion for creating something their customers will appreciate. 

You Learn the Best Customer Service Skills

As a barista, the majority of the job is talking with customers. This is a massive benefit if you are looking to change careers in the future, as you can put various customer service skills on your resume that are the basis for most jobs on the market. 

You Learn the Best Customer Service Skills
You Learn the Best Customer Service Skills

Employers look for fantastic customer service employees, and baristas will have plenty of experience to show for it! Baristas will master customer service in the following ways: 

  • Building rapport with customers
  • Organization 
  • Efficacy and efficiency 
  • Effective communication
  • Quick problem solving 
  • Engaging in positive encounters with clients
  • Creating quality products to the customers’ desire

Being a barista allows you to learn and improve your customer service skills daily. Even if you aren’t looking to stay a barista for the rest of your career, it will provide you with the skills needed for any job. 

You Make People Happy

Another fantastic perk of barista training is that you can make people happy every day! People order coffee not only for the caffeine but for the environment and aesthetic of each drink.

As a barista, you can learn your customers’ needs and anticipate what they want to order. After you create their drink, you have the instant gratification of seeing them enjoy their delicious cup of coffee. 

You Make People Happy
You Make People Happy

Yet, a cup of coffee isn’t the only way you can make people smile!

As a barista, you are the first person the customers see. You can cheer up anyone’s day by greeting them with a smile and having a genuine conversation. 

Smiling makes you feel happier, and if you can make others smile, you are more than likely to be happy yourself! Smiling will also allow you to make new friendships and have a positive, optimistic attitude daily. 

You Form New Relationships

Creating new relationships goes hand in hand with making people smile.

Happiness is contagious.

As you smile and build rapport with customers, you will develop new friends and acquaintances every day of work, making your workplace more fun and engaging. 

Baristas have the perk of talking as often as they’d like, which many other professions lack. This ability and opportunity to converse with people leads to more chances to connect with others.

Whether a regular customer makes you happy whenever they come in or someone that you have just met, baristas have the opportunity to meet various people and learn about different things from them. 

You Form New Relationships
You Form New Relationships

You can create new relationships by: 

  • Learning people’s names
  • Remember drink orders
  • Smiling when you greet customers
  • Having genuine conversations

As you learn people’s names, what they do, and their interests, you will find your job more entertaining!

You will likely find people you would like to be friends with or even work with on the side. As a barista, you will meet more people than in any other job, which leads to a more dynamic and enjoyable environment. 

The most significant benefit of creating new relationships as a barista is that it makes your day different.

You will not have to complete the same daily tasks and always have something new to discuss. This ever-changing conversation cycle with customers makes working as a barista an ideal job for any extrovert. 

You Learn Patience

Another benefit of barista training is that you have to learn to be patient.

Whether it be with your colleagues or customers, patience is key! Plus, patience is an essential element that you can add to your resume or character. 

Being patient isn’t easy, yet as a barista, you will deal with team members and clients that may not perform tasks or order as quickly as you’d like.

However, once you learn to be patient and help people who struggle with decisions, you will have a character trait many people lack! 

You Learn Patience
You Learn Patience

In today’s world, people are fast-paced and want instant results.

You can make this happen by being patient, asking your customers questions, and recommending specific drinks. If they don’t take your recommendations, you learn to sit back and wait for them to select what they’d like. 

Patience is a desirable quality you can use in any situation of your daily life.

Many other jobs do not have this benefit of the opportunity to learn patience as they are too fast-paced. Yet with this skill, you will learn to multitask and work under pressure, making you an even better worker! 

You Learn to Multitask

Another great perk of barista training is that you learn to multitask. A barista has many job responsibilities, including: 

  • Attending customers
  • Creating drinks
  • Cleaning machines
  • Greeting customers
  • Cleaning the restaurant areas
  • Handling cash
  • And more

Yet it may seem like a lot to do, but baristas have the benefit of learning how to delegate tasks and multitask, which can be used in their daily life. A barista should know how to do various things simultaneously to perform their job effectively and efficiently. 

You Learn to Multitask
You Learn to Multitask

If you want to add skills to your resume, being a barista allows you to apply various skills while working toward a common goal. Employers will see this on your resume, making you the first choice for any given job! 

Plus, multitasking is a skill that you can use in your social or at-home life.

You can learn to do various things simultaneously to ensure you finish everything on time, as it seems like a challenging learning opportunity. Learning to multitask is a crucial skill that helps baristas advance in their careers and life. 

You Learn to Work Under Pressure

Working as a barista is challenging, yet it supplies you with the ability to think fast and react quickly.

Working under pressure is considered one of the best qualities for any employee looking to find a new job. As a barista, you can add this skill to your resume and get ahead of any other applicant in new jobs because you demonstrate the ability to work under pressure. 

You Learn to Work Under Pressure
You Learn to Work Under Pressure

Our world is fast-paced, and frequently, you will encounter angry customers.

Yet, through these experiences, you will learn to solve problems quickly as you work under pressure. Problem-solving quickly and efficiently is another quality that employers look for. 

Plus, there is never a dull moment!

Baristas are constantly moving, chatting, creating drinks, and solving problems giving them the benefit of never being bored without anything to do! 

Overall, baristas benefit from learning how to handle stress and solve problems efficiently, which they can apply to their resume and any stressful situation in their life. 

You Work in a Vibrant Environment

One of my favorite advantages of being a barista is the vibrant environment. Cafes and coffee houses are constantly changing and have a certain aesthetic. As a barista, you have the opportunity to meet new people, create new things, and experience something new every day! 

You Work in a Vibrant Environment
You Work in a Vibrant Environment

Coffee houses and cafes offer baristas an environment that is: 

  • Positive
  • Evolving
  • Energetic
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Full of Life

Many other careers do not offer the ability to be creative and experience new things daily. Working as a barista gives them the chance to work freely as an individual and highlight their coffee creations rather than filing paperwork in an office. 

A positive work environment gives baristas a better ability to be happy by interacting with customers, working creatively, and giving them something new daily. The ever-changing environment also makes it more fun to work! Baristas have new experiences every day and always have something more to learn. 

You Get Free Coffee

The last and final perk of working as a barista is that you get to make your coffee drink for free! Compared to other work environments, they often supply cheaper coffee left to sit on the burner for extended periods. 

If you are a coffee lover, you know that buying coffee is expensive and makes a dent in your wallet.

Yet, as a barista, you have the power to have a coffee whenever you choose, AND you get to select the type of coffee you would like to drink and how to prepare it for free! 

You Get Free Coffee
You Get Free Coffee

If you are a barista and a coffee expert, you’ll know what you like and need to get you through the workday, and you can make it on the spot!

Any worker in a different field would be jealous to have the benefit of creating their specialty drink during the workday. Baristas are lucky and have the advantage of having a tastier drink to boost their energy level as they work. 

Final Thoughts

There are endless benefits to becoming a barista and going through barista training online or in person, most of which you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Whether you plan on staying in the coffee business or switching careers, you will have learned the basics of customer service and passion and work in a fast-paced, evolving environment that many people do not get to experience.

Plus, you can become a master in coffee creation, which beats the cheaply brewed coffee in any other workplace.


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