Barista Training Los Angeles – The 5 Best LA Courses for 2024!

By Brooke Davis •  Updated: 08/05/22 •  6 min read

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As lovers of coffee, we plan to help all of you budding baristas and fellow coffee lovers find your perfect brew and pursue your careers with the help of barista training Los Angeles.

Coffee has been consistently everyone’s top beverage for quite a long time now. With more than 140 billion cups of coffee being consumed annually in the United States, the industry has boomed into a field of expertise and finesse.

The various methods of brewing, roasting the beans, coffee art, and the different machinery that makes coffee has made the job description of a barista quite extensive and impressive, especially if you want to have a barista license.

With various advancements being made rapidly in the coffee industry, it is up to you to arm yourself with the appropriate skills for the job.

So, let’s have a look at where you can get barista training near me in Los Angeles:

Best Barista Training Los Angeles Courses to Boost Your Career As a Barista in LA

1. Los Angeles Coffee College

One of the best institutions in the country, LA Coffee College provides barista school training in Los Angeles at all levels. Whether you just want to hone your brewing and roasting skills or learn the tricks of the trade to become a professional barista, the LA Coffee College has got you covered.

The college provides quality education in the specialty coffee industry with B.P.P.E. approved courses.

A host of courses are provided at all levels, including basic Coffee Skills Programs to help you understand methods of brewing and roasting, as well as professional college diploma programs to kickstart your career as a barista.

The mentors are very professional and passionate about the field and will help you understand every little small nook before you go. They also provide meticulous training for entrepreneurs looking to establish a cafe themselves too!


  • BPPE and SCA Accredited courses and certification
  • Various levels of courses are available
  • Experienced professional mentors


  • Costly fees

2. Intelligentsia

Barista Training Los Angeles

Intelligentsia’s series of Los Angeles coffee shops and cafes have served ardent coffee consumers since 1995. With a series of coffee bars and cafes, Intelligentsia is a prime name in the coffee industry offering barista training in Los Angeles.

They provide beginner-level classes for home brewing.

These barista classes Los Angeles are designed to slowly transition you into the coffee roasting and brewing world. In this barista course, you get hands-on experience in brewing procedures including machinery handling and other methods.

The entire training takes place under the supervision of expert baristas in the industry. Intelligentsia’s training emphasizes understanding pour-over methods and different coffee roasting procedures.

Also included in the barista course fees is a 12-ounce bag of Intelligentsia’s coffee which is delivered right to your doorstep before the class!

You can enroll in the class with a simple online registration process and start your journey towards better coffee making as soon as possible. 


  • Beginner course meant for anyone
  • Learn various methods of brewing and roasting
  • Expert input and methods
  • Get coffee for the class delivered to your doorstep


  • The coffee might not reach you in time
  • Limited availability of slots

3. Klatch Coffee Roasting

Started as a family business, Klatch Coffee Roasting has become a leading contender for the best coffee in all of California and provides amazing barista training in Los Angeles.

Having served consumers for 27 years, Klatch Coffee has experienced professional staff working for them.

Klatch Coffee Roasting and Training Labs has three-day and one-day SCA-approved certification courses for people looking to build a career as a barista.

They also provided courses for beginner, intermediate and professional brewing skills, sensory skills, and career-oriented barista training as well. For participants needing personal attention, private mentoring and tutoring are also provided.

All the courses are supervised by four times regional, two times the United States, and one-time Global Barista Champion, Heather Perry. 


  • Train under global champion Heather Perry
  • SCA approved courses
  • Highly knowledgeable mentors
  • Hands-on experience with various machines


  • Highly populated batches
  • Distance from the city

4. Counter Culture Coffee


Counter Culture Coffee with more than 25 years of service in the coffee industry is another prominent addition to this list.

With a firm belief in the quality and sustainability of the beverage, Counter Culture Coffee has provided the country with great varieties of coffee with centers across the nation.

At Counter Culture, they believe that coffee can be made a better and bigger field of culinary arts by educating people about it and that’s what they have been doing through their barista training in Los Angeles.

Whether it’s a beginner trying to learn simple pour-over methods or a professional trying to add more feathers on their cap, Counter Culture has got it all covered with a variety of courses and brewing guides.

Virtual tastings, courses for home brewing, and tasting events are held regularly.

Special courses are also carried out at their training center at Griffith Park Boulevard. In the wake of the COVID-19 induced lockdown, online training is also available.


  • Courses available at various levels
  • Easy to learn homebrew guides
  • Online training available


  • Work environment

5. Barista Life LA 

Barista Life LA is a service-based brand run by LaNisa Williams, providing barista training in Los Angeles.

With an aim to increase the participation of people of all colors, Barista Life LA renders services like professional training to individuals and companies.

They also offer education to employees if you own a cafe and hold live demonstrations at your home or workplace. They have also started a campaign #BlackInBrew to bring the whole coffee community together.

Various packages are available including brewing skills courses, exclusive espresso-making, professional barista courses, and specialty training courses for cafes and bars.

They also provide online training for brewing, grinding, and roasting skills as well as machine operation.

All these packages are available on their website and can be registered with an email. These courses are also accessible if you live outside Los Angeles or the state. 


  • Coffee provided for training
  • Various levels of training are available
  • Training packages for employees and cafes
  • Flexible with location 
  • Training facility access


  • Pricey courses


Our research and experience have found that these organizations are some of the best in the coffee industry and provide quality education in the field. The courses offered by these organizations are bound to equip you with the skills required to put up a class act as a barista!

So if you’re in LA and searching for barista classes near me we highly suggest these courses and hope that you’re able to absorb all they have to offer! Have a good time brewing!

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